Barbara and I are delighted with the new home we purchased in Palm Springs using Steve Lautenbach as our Realtor. We had narrowed our retirement home location to the area, but were just beginning the search process. Serendipity played a definite role. Having met Steve at a local Open House, this kind, warm and most professional real estate agent proceeded to help us discover the possibilities. The essential factor in our relationship was his capacity to listen and to demonstrate the options. We never felt pressured or overwhelmed. In fact, it was a real joy to spend time with him.

Our personal reference was a location with a gorgeous mountain and desert panorama. His research to find our dream home was “love at first sight.” A significant stumbling block was our inability to move immediately. No problem. In short order, Steve had discovered a dream tenant for our property.

We returned East with 6 weeks to close the purchase and seal the deal with a 1 year lease with the tenant. In a seamless pattern of inspector, state forms, Title Company, funds transfer, and negotiations with the Seller, all was accomplished effortlessly, professionally, and with a strong sense of caring. We believe that only through the efforts of Steve Lautenbach would we be anxiously anticipating our future life in Palm Springs.

Moving away from our home community thousands of mile to the Inland Empire was a much anticipated step for us. However, the accomplishment of our dream would not have possible without the special knowledge and services he brought to task. In fact, among the happy prospects of our moving into this home in 2015 is the opportunity to continue our friendship with him. No detail, no explanation, no assistance was answered with anything less than total accommodation and fulfillment. In no small measure, this beautiful home with an incredible vista would truly not have been possible without Steve's insight and impeccable service.

For us, this fabulous adventure into our retirement has been so greatly enhanced and made possible through this special realtor. It comes as no surprise that we most highly recommend any purchaser to contact him. We firmly believe that your experience in purchasing a Palms Springs Home will be equal to ours. Steve Lautenbach is a true professional and a wonderful person. - L.R. and B.R., PA

For fifty years my husband and I have worked with dozens of Real Estate agents, and we can honestly say Steve is the best. While others have done a good job, Steve has been outstanding. Here's why: He advocates and cares about his clients; he is honest, fair, and forthright; he is a true professional in the manner with which he approaches each situation; he has wonderful communication skills whereby he sends you property updates at least once or twice a week; he puts in the time, effort, and energy to present your property for his entire listing period using brochures and having weekly Open Houses; he immediately takes care of problems that may occur such as a leak in a pipe and a non-working patio fountain .Steve is like no other Realtor because he really puts his clients first and because he operates fairly within the guidelines of the Real Estate community. We most certainly recommend Steve for any future Real Estate purchases and sales AND we would happily offer testimony to others about the quality of his work. - M.C & M.C., WA

Steve Lautenbach is a great realtor. He has currently listed our house for sale and we cannot be more pleased with him. He is very professional, has a great personality, listens to your concerns, and is willing to help out. On the day that professional photos were going to be taken of our house for the listing and for the virtual tour, he even ran to the store to pick up quartz cleaner, stainless steel cleaner and paper towels because I had ran out of these items. He clearly explained the marketing plan for our house and has stuck to the marketing plan. He is early, well-organized and dependable. I highly recommend him.  - J.B.A., La Quinta, CA

Steve is amazing from A through Z.  Every part of buying our new home was amazing under Steve's guidance. So honest and professional! He even helped us to find all our Service Providers that we needed after we purchased our home. Great recommendations! I would utilize Steve and recommend him to anyone needing a Realtor! Unbelievable! - Nielson, Medvene LA, CA